The team

Lisa Chabbert:

Lisa Chabbert is a photographer and filmmaker from Tarn et Garonne, France. She studied cinematography and filmmaking at the Ecole Supérieure de l’AudioVisuel de Toulouse (ESAV Toulouse). She co-founded the Ciné 2000 collective with which she has directed several fictions and documentaries among which: “Montpalach” (2010), “J- ?” (2011), or “L’invitée familière” (2013). She has also worked as Director of Photography on many projects and presented “Les Vieux” (“The elders”), a photograph-based immersion experience, in nursing homes in 2012.
Lisa favours crude and sensitive aesthetics. her projects are often centred on people, sometimes subversive, always anchored firmly in reality.

Julien Chastagnol // Ruby My Dear:

Julien Chastagnol is a French composer who melts together electronica, jungle, and IDM. his songs bring together oneiric atmospheres with sharp and complex rhythm patterns. The listener gravitates in ever-changing universes, unsettled by an endless game of contrasts. In 2010, DJ Shadow selects one Ruby My Dear’s remixes for the “The DJ Shadow’s Remix Project” mix tape.
In 2011, he consecutively released two EPs on Peace Off (the unavoidable French electronica label) then another on Acroplane Records (GB). In 2012, he signed with the Ad Noiseam label and released his first LP: Remains of Shape to Come. his second LP “Form” came out on the same label in 2013. In parallel, he has been touring on the biggest European scenes since 2010: Poland, Germany, Scotland, France, Iceland, Belgium, and England.


Ciné 2000 is a filmmakers collective from Toulouse. They produce short and feature films alike from fiction to documentary. Their trademark is an asserted independent cinema approach: trans disciplinary and connected to our world, from writing to shooting, from production to distribution.
Among Ciné 2000’s productions we may mention: “J-?” (Docufiction – Lisa Chabbert, Mathieu Kiefer, Jules Ribis & Jordi Perino – 45’-2010), “La Parade ou la vie en pull bleu” (Docu. – Jules Ribis – 90’- 2011), “Enfermés vivants” (Docufiction – Felix Gonzales, 90’-2011), “Deux traces d’ailleurs à la place des yeux” (Docu. – Lisa Chabbert & Mathieu Kiefer – 20’ – 2012) or “Tonus Confiance” (Fiction- Jules Ribis, Mathieu Kiefer & Eric Leclerc – 30’ – 2013).


Jules Ribis and Xavier Tabard – Production Managers
Pauline Ogonowski – Cinematographer
Matthias Berger – Sound recordist
Laurent Lhermitte – Location manager
Eric Leclerc – 1rst assistant director
Manu Borgetto and Clement Delage – Set designers
Emilie Route – Costume designer
Audrey Gary and Pierre Jouy – Children’s coaches


Manu Borgetto – Website conceptor
Martin Dizel and Thomas Hatcher – Translator

A breakcore movie by Ruby My Dear and Lisa Chabbert

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